Kill or cure: Where to eat when you’re hungover in Manchester

For those days when Lucozade and Nurofen just aren’t cutting it, we present the best restaurants to visit when you’re hungover in Manchester. This list is pretty heavy on the meat and carbs so if you were looking for salad… well, sorry, but no one ever cured a hangover with lettuce.


As well as their famous steaks, Hawksmoor also serves a range of dishes seemingly designed with hangovers in mind. You don’t even need cutlery to tackle their burger – a beefy beauty that you can top with extra short rib, if you like. Add a side of triple cooked chips or mac ‘n’ cheese and let the meat-and-carbs combo work its magic. You can also dine in the bar where the sympathetic staff will mix you a mocktail while you get stuck into a chicken poutine barm. (That’s chicken, chips and a fried egg topped with cheese curds and gravy, in a bun. Yes, it’s as good as it sounds.)

Crazy Pedro’s

Home to Manchester’s largest Mezcal and Tequila selection, this full-time party bar, part-time pizza parlour’ could be both the cause and cure of your future hangovers. Expect out-of-the-ordinary toppings like sriracha fried chicken and shredded duck with plum sauce, as well as a green curry-inspired veggie option called the Thai Quorn Dough. Top tip: If you really can’t make it out of the house, they’re also on Deliveroo.

The Pen and Pencil

This bar-restaurant in the Northern Quarter serves brunch every day until 4pm, which is good news if you were partying until the early hours. You can kick-start your day with avocado toast and a fresh fruit smoothie or go for something a bit more decadent, like steak and eggs or a brisket Benedict.

Trof NQ

Like The Pen and Pencil, Trof serves brunch until 4pm so you can treat yourself to an extra hour in bed. Once you’re feeling more human, head to Trof and order a Full English or some French toast, plus plenty of coffee. There are some tasty meat-free options on offer, too – perfect for your hungover vegan pals.

Yard & Coop

Back away from the late-night chicken joints and proceed directly to Yard & Coop, home to some of the best birds in town. Keep it simple with buttermilk fried chicken slathered in your sauce of choice, or go wild with one of their massive chicken burgers and a side of Dirty Bird fries. Whether you’re a thigh guy or a wing gal, you’re going to love it here.

Northern Soul

Why risk burning yourself on a Breville? Leave the grilling to the experts and head to Northern Soul for insanely good cheese toasties pimped with extras like salt ‘n’ pepper chicken and mac ‘n’ cheese.


They’re famous for their epic burgers, but honestly – Solita had us at ‘pizza fries’. When only dude food will do, you can’t go wrong with anything on their menu. Got a craving for hot dogs? You got it. A burger the size of your head? But of course. There’s even a few damn good salads, if you really must. We recommend taking your hungriest mate along and sharing the massive Solita sundae. You can eat kale tomorrow.


It’s worth making the short trip out of the city centre to refuel at Brewski – a Chorlton bar serving huge pizzas, weekend brunch, and lots more. If you fancy a hair of the dog, there are 14 rotating craft beers on tap, plus a great range of gins, cocktails and hard shakes. Get some mates together and demolish a 20-inch pizza or try their famous poutine – skin-on chips topped with cheese curds, beef gravy, and tasty extras like Creole fried chicken and soft shell crab. At the weekends, there’s steak and eggs, pancakes, and fully-loaded fry-ups – hangover, be gone!

Evelyn’s Café Bar

And if you’re thinking ‘enough of this nonsense, bring me a Sunday roast!’ then chill out, we’ve got you. With friendly staff and a laid-back vibe, Evelyn’s is the perfect place to spend a lazy Sunday. You can choose from mustard rubbed beef sirloin, free range chicken, fennel baked salmon, or root veg and goats cheese in puff pastry – plus all the usual trimmings. Just round up some friends and the Sunday papers and you’re good to go.

Have we missed your favourite hangover spot? Let us know in the comments.