Triple Points — How to Play It

As of this writing, you have a few short hours to book a toptable restaurant today, dine by the end of the month and have triple points added to your toptable rewards points account.  Don’t let this great offer slip by!  If you book just three restaurants and dine at them by the end of the month, you’ll have enough points for a free meal.  How can you resist?  And how can you get the most out of this generous offer?
1.  First, seriously, book three restaurants by the end of the day to dine by the end of the month.  Or more, if you can make that work.

The cheapest possible dining offers we’ve found on site are these: dine at Mezbaan in Edinburgh having two tapas for a fiver, or lunch at Urban Karahi  in Hanwell having three courses for £6.95,  or at Planet Hollywood, one course for £7.95 including unlimited soda, or at Brouge Bistro in Richmond, one course from the express menu for £8.50.

2. Take advantage of special offers so you win twice, once when you book/dine/save money and second when you get all those lovely points.

Dine early in the week at Kettner’s restaurant in Soho and you can take advantage of a bunch of offers, from two courses for £14.50 to three courses for £20 to 50% off food.  This is a long-time diner favourite with a terrific ambience.

3. Don’t just think about lunch and dinner.  toptable also books clubs and bars and they have special offers, too, so you can drink and nosh with mates and get triple points that way.

Roadhouse in Covent Garden offers two courses and a cocktail for just £14.95 (£18.95 later in the week)  while Tiger Tiger in Haymarket is most generously offering toptable diners 50% off food and drink most evenings until 8pm. 

4.  Or consider breakfast out — schedule a breakfast meeting with a special offer on toptable and voila — pointsville.  There are even a couple of brilliant afternoon tea deals on toptable and they earn you extra points as well.

Right in the City on Devonshire Square is gorgeous Cinnamon Kitchen restaurant with a 2-for-1 breakfast offer that gives you the cheaper item free. Harvey Nichols Fifth Floor restaurant in Knightsbridge is reviving exhausted shoppers with lovely afternoon tea for just £22.50.

5. On the other hand, Saturday or Sunday lunch is a terrific time to kick back, enjoy a special offer meal and rack up the points total.

Grafton House restaurant in London’s Clapham Old Town is what we’re talking about with its Saturday or Sunday lunch of two courses for £17.50 from the a la carte menu. 

6.  Dine alone.  You’re going for points, right?  Well, eat out on your own after work and get the 600 points without having pushed the boat too far out.

Corrigan’s Mayfair restaurant is not only top diner rated with the sublime Richard Corrigan in the kitchen, it also won Imbibe’s 2010 Wine List of the Year.  When you sit at the bar counter — perfecto for dining alone — you can have three courses and a glass of champagne for £25.  You’d be mad not to book.

7.  Alternatively, you and a friend could dine alone at the same time in the same restaurant.  You arrive, you go through the elaborate pantomime of delight at your coincidental meeting, you ask if you may dine together and both of you get the points.  We’re not completely convinced about this one.  If it works, let us know. 
8. Got a favourite restaurant that you don’t usually have to book?  Think points!  Book through toptable and you’ll dine as you usually do and gain triple points at the same time.  You’ll be bi-winning.
9.  Once you’ve made your booking(s), don’t change them or you won’t get the extra points.  And you can make a booking for as many diners as you like, but you’ll only get the triple points — 600 points — and no more.  We looked into it. 
10.  After you’ve dined, be sure to rate the restaurant on your toptable account because that’s the last step in the triple points dance.