Triple Points and Super Special Offers

A while ago we introduced the concept of Super Special Offers, the special money-saving deals where the restaurateurs have used their imagination to offer a little something extra to entice you to try their restaurant.  We love it when restaurant-owners think a bit outside the box and we love it when you toptable diners get great deals.  But today of all days we want you to grab the moment because it’s triple points Tuesday. Book today, dine by the 28th of Feb and collect three times the top rewards points you’d normally get.  So add triple points to Super Special Offers and what do you get?  The toptable dining experience!
Cafe des Amis in Covent Garden takes our fancy because they have this utterly mind-blowing deal: dine late (not that late, between 9.30pm and 11pm) and they’ll give you 50% off the total bill.  This isn’t some diddy little ‘special menu’ offer, it’s 50% off the a la carte and it includes drinks.
Cool, contemporary Thai restaurant ORA just off Regent’s Street in London’s West End is inviting you to join them for three courses, a glass of champagne and an evening of live jazz on 20 March only, just ahead of the Guildhall Annual Jazz Festival, all for just £25.  Cool deal for hep cats.
There are many 50% off food deals on toptable right now, and they are terrific.  But My Dining Room in Fulham has gone the outside-the-box route.   It’s offering 50% off wine (not including champagne, be fair).  My Dining Room is a gastropub that already fits neatly into our ‘Under £35’ category, and this terrific offer means you can either A. drink more cheaply or B. drink better wine for the same price.  The choice is yours and there’s no wrong answer.
Nuocmam in Fitzrovia is a Tokyo-inspired restaurant, bar and karaoke den that serves healthful and authentic Japanese-Vietnamese fusion cuisine and they are happy for you to combine two of their special offers, like 50% off food and 50% off bottles of wine and isn’t that a coincidence?  Because we’re very happy to combine special offers like that too.
We think One Moorgate Place, inside the former Chartered Accountants’ Hall, is getting into the Olympic spirit.  They’re offering a speed-of-lightning lunch deal: two courses in served in 30 minutes for £13 or your lunch is free.  You don’t have to eat them in thirty minutes, but they’ll be at your table in 30 minutes.  You may linger in this smart, centrally-located restaurant as long as you like.
Sitaaray in Covent Garden likes happy families, but you’d better grab this one quick: unlimited kebabs and curries for Sunday lunch for £22.95 and one child under 12 eats free for each paying adult and free car parking at NCP Drury Lane.  You can’t afford to stay home with a deal like that.
If you have a big appetite or are just in an expeditionary mood, Opium Chinese restaurant in Nottingham has a ‘Try as Much as You Like’ menu for £15 every Friday evening.  Bring some mates, we say, and invade the menu properly.
Oh ho, this is amazing. The Case Restaurant With Rooms near Sudbury in Suffolk is offering a three-course supper from their superb European menu, a room for the night and continental breakfast the next day for just £49 per person.  The Case was a runner-up in toptable’s Dining Awards 2010 in the Top Diner Rated and Best for Value categories.  And it’s overall diner rating is 8.9 blowing most of the rest of the competition out of the water.
Flame restaurant at the Casino at The Empire in London’s Leicester Square wants to start your evening off right.  For just £20 you can enjoy a three-course supper, a glass of prosecco and a free betting voucher.  Good luck, one and all.  And if you do win a mint, remember your nice friends at toptable.
The Roffen Club in Rochester in Kent is here to quench your thirst as well as provide you with an excellent dining experience in a lovely space.  For £20 or £25 for three courses (from a set menu or the a la carte, respectively), you can enjoy unlimited wine throughout your meal until coffee is served.  Cheers.
And if you’re a fan of Michelin-starred chef Atul Kochhar — and who among us is not? — then this offer will delight you.  At Benares, the award-winning Indian restaurant in Mayfair, every table of four that orders the Grazing Menu will be given the gift of a signed copy of Kochhar’s Fish, Indian Style cookbook.  Need another?  The second is half price.  Sure you could order the book off amazon, but then you’d miss the Michelin-starred cooking, the laughter and companionship of a great evening out with friends and the book, signed, and made precious with memories.