Dine like a local: Top Tokyo restaurants to try now

From award-winning restaurants to hole-in-the-wall gems, Tokyo has much to offer the foodie traveller. Whether you’re keen to try omakase sushi, the contentious pufferfish, or Tokyo-style ramen, the city’s fare will wow your taste buds in ways you never knew possible. Book a table at any of these top Tokyo restaurants to see for yourself.

East meets West at this seafood fusion spot in Shibuya. Fresh seafood is sourced daily from Sagami Bay and prepared in a variety of ways. Choose from sashimi, sizzling hot plates, stir-fried noodles, and much more.

Sushi Fukumoto
This tiny Michelin-starred omakase sushi house serves up some of the best in the city. The omakase offering features sashimi, grilled fish, 10 pieces of sushi, and miso soup; the sushi course includes 13 pieces of fresh sushi.

Shinsen Kappo Sanoya
Book in advance to score one of just eight seats at this elegant Shibuya restaurant. The tasting menu is made up of seasonal, local ingredients for 64 USD. There is also an optional sake pairing for each course.

The incredible panoramic views of the Tokyo skyline are enough reason to book here. Pair that with thick cuts of high-quality meat served barbecue- or yakiniku-style and it’s a must-visit destination.

Itamae Sushi Edo
Transport yourself 200 years back in time to the Edo period when sushi was invented. The restaurant’s classic decor is the perfect setting to don one of their kimonos to dinner; just ask. When ordering, pick an ingredient and a cooking method from the period.

Akasaka Fukinuki
Come here to feast Kaiseki-style with a traditional, multi-course Japanese dinner. There are dozens of dishes to try, but this spot specialises in eel or unagi served over a bed of rice.

Kamon-Imperial Hotel Tokyo
Inside the famously chic Imperial Hotel is the crowd-pleasing style of cuisine known as Teppanyaki. Make a selection from a variety of fresh proteins and watch as it’s cooked in front of you with veggies and rice. The restaurant has just undergone a complete renovation to match its luxury hotel.

Zauo Fishing Restaurant Shinjuku
You can catch what you eat at this fun chain of seafood restaurants. There is no fishing for lunch unless you booked a full-course meal in advance. So cast your line out for dinner, see what you catch, and let the staff know how you’d like it prepared.

What are your picks for top Tokyo restaurants? Let us know in the comments.

Katie Lockhart is a Brooklyn-based food and travel writer. When she’s not writing, she’s eating her way around the world and posting it all on her Instagram @findyourhappyplate and blog findyourhappyplate.co.

A version of this post first appeared on the OpenTable US blog.