The rise of the tech savvy diner

The internet has transformed the way we discover and research things, from gym classes and groceries to restaurants and holidays. Our recent survey of over 1,500 diners showed just how much we rely on the web when it comes to dining out. For example, here are the most common things people do before they dine out:


By the time we get to a restaurant, most of us will have a good idea of what we want to order and what it will look like. It doesn’t stop once we’re at the table either. 1 in 5 diners said they use their phone more than three times during a meal, with 27% of us taking a photo of our food to share on social media.

So should restaurants do more to appeal to tech savvy diners? Having a menu and some photos online is a good start, but 66% of diners said they would love to be able to choose their preferred table online or text the restaurant if they’re running late. 11% have already tried paying their bill by phone, while a further 43% said they would be open to doing so.

The power of the web works for restaurants too, with many restaurants using Google to research guests before they dine. The aim is to use the info to step up their service and offer a personalised dining experience, but some diners felt that being Googled is more creepy than cool.

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