The Weekend Starts Here

You and your workmates always head out for drinks on Friday night together.  That’s your ritual.  After a while, it’s time for food for the whole team.  Where to go next?  Here:
If you’re feeling high-spirited and want some great food that’s perfect for sharing, top diner rated Fora Restaurant in the City is the spot.  The Eastern Mediterranean menu offers fabulous mezze that everyone will want to dip into as well as a terrific choices of grills and stews.  Everything is prepared fresh on the premises and the set menu is 50% off right now for groups up to six.  Unbeatable.
You already know how great Bonds Restaurant is for relaxed, sophisticated business lunches, but if you don’t consider this top diner rated  restaurant right by the Bank of England for a Friday evening celebration, you are missing out.  The Michelin-starred chef uses excellent ingredients in his French-inspired dishes and, as there’s a recession on, right now there’s three-course supper deal for £23.95.
Maybe you fancy something ethnic, something subcontinental, something snug and cosy and very near Cannon Street Station in the City.  Yes?  Then The India restaurant is your answer.  With its classic Indian menu and thali specials, its atmospheric vaulted dining spaces and its 30% off food for groups up to twenty, The India is ready and waiting for your Friday night feast.
The stylistically cool Plateau Restaurant in Canary Wharf is futuristic and fun with iconic furnishings and great views of the architecture around Canada Place.  It’s top diner rated, of course, and has a special offer on its excellent French-ish cuisine that will knock your socks off: three courses and a glass of champagne for £25 for groups up to ten.
Wood-fired pizzas and traditional Italian dishes are on the menu at Zizzi in Canary Wharf, as well as pasta, salads and meat and fish main courses.  Zizzi is a great spot to roll up your sleeves and kick off the weekend with an easy, informal meal with your mates.  Not at Canary Wharf?  toptable has scores of Zizzi restaurants all over the country, all offering the same warm welcome and great Italian cuisine.
Speaking of great groups of restaurants that almost everyone seems to love and that are perfect for post workweek dining, Gaucho steak restaurants seem to find themselves wherever business people gather, from the City of London to central Leeds.  All serve the same beautiful beef in the Argentinian style accompanied by the best of Argentinian wines in a sexy, sophisticated dining space.
Giorgio Locatelli’s Refettorio restaurant in the City is absolutely right for post-drink, weekend kickoff meals.  Get seated on the big refectory table, order a selection of the Convivium sharing plates, some regional Italian wines and see who sits down next to you.  Who knows where this could lead?  There are four ridiculously good value special offers going right now, so you’ve got no excuse not to make Refettorio your weekend jumping off place.