Simon reviews Taste of London

Another toptable competition winner, Simon, really made the most of Taste of London this year. Check out some extracts from his review.

“In an attempt to stay true to my word and try food from restaurants I have never experienced before, Mennula, Trinity and Sake No Hana were on the agenda. First from Mennula, where we had a great chat about the food and there sales pitch to us which really turned out to be the food. We both chose a dish there with my wife trying the maccheroni and me going for the Carpaccio of line caught yellow fin tuna. Both dishes were great and the tuna was just so well marinated with great sweet and sour onions.

And so on to Sake No Hana. I love quail and this was no disappointment, tender, succulent and a bit of a kick. Another place added to the list of where to go. Shortly followed by Trinity which is where we both tried their Icon dish of Pig’s Trotters with what has to be the most amazing crackling ever. I mean, it was just amazing, crispy, well seasoned, a bit of meat still underneath. Even now my mouth waters like Homer Simpson just thinking about it. For me, it was the dish of the day.

This only leaves one dish, Rhodes 24 Icon dish, Jaffa Cake Pudding. I’m not really a pudding person but this was just like, well a Jaffa cake but multiplied by several thousand. An intense orange with dark chocolate, light sponge. We had a chat with Gary Rhodes while we were there who then signed a clean dish for Michala and he had a few words about toptable. In fact we could hardly stop him when he got started. Gary said the service provided is great and always friendly but most importantly it’s the access given to the public to find and discover these amazing restaurants. We couldn’t agree more.

We headed home laden with full bags and full stomachs.  And as I write this I raise my glass to Taste and toptable and hear my stomach rumble in readiness for the next one.”