RSVP: A Very Special Event for Very Special Events

Putting on a successful special event, annual general meeting, Christmas blowout, shareholders’ shingdig, newsworthy launch or grand opening is a like walking a tightrope without a net.  And it starts with, ‘What does the client/my boss/my boss’s boss really want?’, then goes on to budget, time and place, size, tone, entertainment, food (actually, we’d probably start with the food, but that’s just us) and all the little details that make an event delightful.  Finally, how do you demonstrate to the client/my boss/my boss’s boss just how effective and successful your event has been?
The answer to most of the questions posed on the toptable blog is, ‘Dine out!’  But not this time.  This time we want to point you in the direction of RSVP, a great boutique event for professional or occasional event planners — including PAs — coming up on the 19 – 20 April at the Business Design Centre.
We at toptable have a special place in our heart for PAs and all others tasked with creating business meetings and special events because almost as soon as toptable launched all those years ago, we began getting calls and emails from them along the lines of, ‘Help! My boss has asked me to organise an event and it has to be good!’  That’s why we have a dedicated events team.
But RSVP is a super chance to very quickly get on top of trends and fashions in food and events, audition entertainers, peruse exciting venues, experience cool things you could add to your event like a 1950’s themed beauty parlour, get advice on measuring your success and more.
The seminars and speakers address burning issues like:

How useful are celebrities?
How to create a first class event on your boss’s budget
East End Cool or West End Glamour?
The Definitive PA Guide to Running an Event

and lots more
Jillions of high-profile businesses are coming, like the BBC, Deloitte LLP, City of London Festival, Saudi Petroleum Overseas, Kuoni Travel among others.  You’ll be in great company, have an intriguing time, and come away armed with everything you need to know to create unforgettable events and get the credit you deserve.
RSVP11, 19 – 20 April 2011, Business Design Centre, Islington N1,