Romance Keeps No Diary

Romantic moments can take a bit of planning.  They sometimes need more than just a terrific meal in a nice restaurant.  And they very often require more time to unfold than is available on a Tuesday evening in February, even if it is the 14th.  Need some inspiration?  How about these:
Bundle up.  A blustery walk on a windswept beach followed by a cosy meal together is perfect for bringing the two of you together.  Head for the north Kentish coast next weekend for the walking part, then book top diner rated Williams & Brown to share tapas toe-to-toe in a charming, rustic setting.  Or if you’re lucky enough to be down Falmouth way, walk the southern coast then head for really top diner rated Indaba on the Beach, pick your lobster from the tank and watch the waves crash magnificently outside.
Dance of love.  Is there anything sexier than dance?  Right nowat least half a dozen really brilliant companies are performing in London, everything from the stunning Flamenco Festival at Sadler’s Wells to noisy, manly Stomp in the West End.  Find tickets on the toptable dance booking page, then reserve a fab pre-curtain or post-theatre meal together.     In the West End, try stylish Asia de Cuba, open early and late with a very nice bar to boot.  For Sadler’s Wells, Moro is divine as are many of the restaurants in Exmouth Market.
Love on your tongue.  We’re talking chocolate, of course.  Book a weekend lunch at someplace like Il Convivio in Belgravia, or check out the new Michelin-starred chef at Roussillon, then stroll down to William Curley or around the corner to l’Artisan du Chocolate for some tasting and buying.
Love lift us up where we belong.  If you’d like to whisk your loved one up to eagle height, think of the Paramount at Centre Point, Portrait Restaurant perched atop the National Portrait Gallery or top diner rated Michelin-starred Rhodes 24.  Somehow you can see what’s important up there.
Cool love.  The Broadgate Ice Rink is open through 19 February if you’d like to twirl your lover round and glide across the ice in tandem.  Hand-holding is encouraged.  Then bundle into 1901 at Andaz — or any of the terrific Andaz restaurants, really — or The Drift at the Heron Tower for warming drinks and nosh.
Finally, if only a high-end fine dining restaurant  will do, with white table linens and tinkling crystal and Jeeves-footed servers, we have plenty of those delightful places as well.  You may need to be flexible at this stage about dining there on Valentine’s Day itself.  But then, weekends were made for romance, no matter what cupid says.