Pay Day Dining: 9 London restaurants to splash out on

On the first day of the month, everyone’s a millionaire – though the feeling doesn’t last long. If you’re celebrating or just feeling flush, here are nine London restaurants worth splashing out on.

Ollie Dabbous’ newest venture is two restaurants in one, with a fancy staircase connecting them. It’s in Mayfair and priced accordingly, but the tasting menu is worth every single penny.

Kitchen Table
Nestled at the back of Bubbledogs – itself no stranger to splashing the cash – Kitchen Table is in its own little world. Clandestine could be one way of putting it – there is no menu, after all. Chefs work away in front of you while you eat their food, which would be a daunting prospect if their work was bad. Far from it, as the restaurant’s awards and rave reviews would suggest.

Bob Bob Ricard
Mostly famous for its press-button-receive-Champagne novelty, Bob Bob Ricard is a place to drink vodka shots liberally, do a spot of people watching (especially interesting on a Friday night), and indulge in almost completely over the top food, like lobster mac ‘n’ cheese and chicken kiev with (what looks like) a fascinator.

Claude Bosi at Bibendum
Given it’s named after the Michelin Man, one can easily imagine the heights Bibendum is aspiring to. With cooking as impressive as the décor, this place wants to be as good as it can be, and doesn’t hold back.

CORE by Clare Smyth
Recently named the world’s best female chef, Clare Smyth is on to something special in Notting Hill. Top quality British produce is at the heart of dishes like scallop tartare with sea vegetable consomme and skate with Morecambe bay shrimps and brown butter.

Kerridge’s Bar & Grill
Yes, it’s almost thirty quid. But if the last thing you ate was Kerridge’s lobster thermidor omelette – as our Instagram feeds have had us believe since the restaurant opened – then maybe you can live, peacefully forever after, in constant remembrance of the culinary ecstasy we’re all in search of.

Dinner by Heston Blumenthal
What does the pursuit of perfection look like? Heston’s Dinner is surely one candidate. This is somewhat regal, pre-industrial cooking if it was taken by the hand, ushered in to the 21st century, and plonked on a velvet cushion. This really is food fit for kings and queens.

Pied à Terre
Pied à Terre is as well established as it is opulent. It’s been a fine dining destination for more than 25 years and the food – now in the safe hands of head chef Asimakis Chaniotis – is as impressive as it ever was.

The Ledbury
You only have to look at the reviews over the 18 years it’s been open to appreciate there are few, if any, restaurants where your money is better spent. Auction off your offspring. Re-mortgage the house. Whatever decision is required to eat Brett Graham’s food, it’s usually a wise one.

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This is a guest post from freelance food journalist Hugh Thomas. He’s contributed to Foodism, Time Out, Great British Chefs, and is part of British Street Food’s small team of vigilant writers. Find him on twitter @hughwrites.