Lucy reviews Taste of London

We loved Lucy’s review of Taste – she planned ahead and tasted some great dishes, as well as giving us some top tips for Taste festival visitors this year and next. Here are some extracts from her review.

“We made a bee line for The Grill at the Dorchester’s offering. I was intrigued by the seared scallops served on a cauliflower puree with sardine pie. I wasn’t disappointed. The scallop was soft, juicy, delicately flavoured and melted-in-the-mouth as only a fresh scallop can. The sardine pie was equally lovely. The salty, buttery crust of the pastry with the relatively strong-flavoured sardine contrasted nicely with the delicate scallop and the cauliflower puree was a lovely undertone.

I can also recommend Bentley’s Oyster Bar & Grill’s fish and chips with delicious mushy peas. The fish was moist and soft while the batter was exactly the right level of crispy and greasy.

If you’re planning to go to one of the Taste Festivals next year, here are my top five tips for making the most of your day:

1) Plan ahead. All the restaurant menus are on Taste’s Facebook page ahead of the festival so prioritise before you run out of crowns

2) Go hungry. There is SO much food on offer you are guaranteed to graze all day. Don’t go crazy with the samples of cheese, bread etc or you’ll fill up before you’ve enjoyed the restaurant food you want to try.

3) Head to sponsors that are giving out free products or doing giveaway competitions early in the day. You could win some free crowns! BA and O2 both had great giveaways at this year’s taste while San Pellegrino and Sensodyne were being very generous with their products.

4) Get chatting. Talk to the exhibitors, particularly those that have a smaller independent operations. Get beyond the sales pitch and you never know, you might just learn something!

5) Chill out! Take time to relax and soak up the atmosphere (and there are plenty of places to do it). It doesn’t matter if you don’t get to every single stall and see every cookery demonstration, good food and good wine is often about slowing down and savouring life. Yes Taste can feel chaotic and busy, but once you’ve bought your food or glass of wine, retreat to a safe distance and enjoy!”