Liverpool Restaurants

The restaurant scene in Liverpool has never been better according to those who have been watching it for some time.  And it’s about time!  Liverpool has a superb location for chefs to source the best of fresh, local ingredients, it’s had a mass of new building and regeneration activity, and the city has always had its own particular style, so it was only a matter of time before exciting stuff began to happen here.  And now that Liverpool has been the European City of Culture, it’s safe to say that the city’s time has come again.
Take Hope Street, and we know of a lot of you savvy diners make this area your first stop when you choose a restaurant for a great evening out.  The Side Door Bistro restaurant’s owners Sean Miller and Sheila Benson make a point of using excellent local produce like North Sea cod and Formby’s asparagus in their highly-rated modern European cuisine.
Further along Hope Street, The London Carriage Works‘ Paul Askew is a champion of local produce as well as making Liverpool a centre for culinary tourism.   He’s been called ‘a modest, genial genius’ and many believe that his modern European food is headed for Michelin-star status.
Or consider the docks and docklands around them.  There’s still an edgy urban combination of cool new development and exciting regeneration that puts the old and the new side-by-side to make a really satisfying cityscape.
The Malmaison Brasserie restaurant is a stylish European restaurant within the spectacular new-built Malmaison Hotel.  With more than a hint of Manhattan glamour and quite a lot of real Merseyside style, this is new Liverpool at its best.
Elude is something altogether different: an incredibly glamorous restaurant retrofitted into a former potato warehouse.  Its neo-romantic decor would be the perfect place for a first date if you were lucky enough to be dating a new-style vampire, but it will also do nicely for us ordinary mortals and its docklands location makes it feel like a hidden gem.
What’s Cooking? is another fabulous restaurant that’s given new life to an historic building.  What’s Cooking? can be found in the iconic Queen Elizabeth Hall on Albert Dock and it’s rightly famous for its burgers and steaks, though the international menu is varied and delicious.
We haven’t even mentioned the superb ethnic restaurants like Mayur for sophisticated Indian cuisine, the Olive Press for family-friendly Italian, and Christakis Greek Taverna for unforgettable Mediterranean-style nights out.  Liverpool offers restaurant dining for almost any taste, from easy chain restaurants to really exciting high-concept dining to locally-sourced inventive cuisine.  We’re delighted to see that the Liverpool restaurant scene is making its mark.