Last Second Valentine's Day

Do not panic.  It’s not too late.  There is still time — though not as many choices as previously it has to be admitted — to whisk the one you love out for an evening of amour.  Or a brunch of passion.  Or a tea of titillation.  We should probably stop there.
The thing is, we at toptable have geared up our Last Chance Valentine’s Day page and it’s ready and waiting to help you out of the pickle of not yet having a reservation for Valentines Day.

Restaurant Sauterelle

It works like this:  try to reserve something with a bit of wow factor, say, Coq d’Argent in the City of London.  Table for two, dinner at 8pm on the 14th of Feb.  Click.  Oh dear, there are no tables left on that day at all.  Whatever shall you do?  Well, you could book a table for dinner at 8pm on another evening shown in bold on the diary page (nothing available between the 9th and the 15th — this will never do).  Or look over to the right there’s a handy list of restaurants nearby you could book, and there are a couple of wow factor choices still available, thank heaven: 1 Lombard Street restaurant, Restaurant Sauterelle, Bonds Restaurant (with a special V-Day menu), all diner rated just as highly as Coq d’Argent, and more.  Clickety-click and you’re booked, off the hook, out of the doghouse and installed in your rightful place in your loved one’s esteem.

Blueprint Cafe


But maybe you’re not worried about Valentine’s Day supper because that’s not what you do.  You don’t buy strawberry creme chocolates, you don’t give cheesy red roses, you don’t buy or strap on novelty underdrawers and you do not sit at a table when you’re told.  Cool.  But if you’d quite like to communicate that his or her company is what you love best, a relaxed, romantic weekend brunch might be more your thing.  The toptable Last Minute Valentine’s Day function works there too.
Let’s try brunch at noon on Sunday, 13 February, at Roast in Borough Market.  Click.  Once again, oh dear.  Noon’s not on, but 11.30 is okay.  Or, if noon it must be, then St Christopher’s Inn down the street is free, so are Cantina del Ponte and the Blueprint Cafe if you fancy great food and great views too.  Click and you’re done and dusted.
Afternoon Tea

Promenade at The Dorchester

Maybe this year your Valentine’s celebration will involve your beautiful daughter, and possibly her beautiful mother, and, what the heck, your beautiful mother as well.  Or a gaggle of your best mates and they’re beautiful too.  You certainly want it to be special with all this beauty around. For this moment, The Promenade at The Dorchester was invented, a restaurant with old school glamour and refined service that offers one of the very best afternoon teas in London.  Shall we say 3.15pm on Saturday 12 February?  Click.  No, apparently not.  Though Sunday and Monday afternoons are available hurrah.  Click, click and you’re a hero.
Do remember that almost none of the special offers are available on Valentine’s Day itself, though many many restaurants have Valentines menus especially for the 14th and sometimes the whole weekend before.  We’re here to help on 020 7299 2949 or click on our dedicated Valentine’s Day page to stoke your romantic imagination.  And whatever you choose to do, Happy Valentine’s Day.