Great Bank Holiday Dining

We’re getting quite good at these Bank Holidays, we’ve had so much practice at it.  What, no royal wedding fallout to distract us?  We’ll get along fine with meals and celebrations with our friends at these restaurants, perfect for days off work.

The Chancery

Weirdly, the first thing we might consider is getting onto the deserted tube and heading right into London for 50% off at The Chancery, a top diner rated bijoux restaurant that’s renowned for its innovative cuisine.  We never have the time to properly appreciate the cooking here during the working week and we’d really like the chance to linger over the modern European cuisine that’s won such great reviews.

Dog and Pheasant

Or maybe we’ll head out to the country and get stuck in to the Dog and Pheasant at Brook near Godalming.  This comfortable, friendly and up-t0-date traditional pub and restaurant is getting geared up for the Brookfest Bank Holiday celebration.  It’s open from noon with BBQ from locally sourced meats, real ales, bouncy castle, party atmosphere and live music including an appearance of the Flat Pack Pandas.
Or maybe we’ll head down to the seaside and install ourselves at the Pebble Beach restaurant at Barton-on-Sea, spend some time on the terrace supervising the view and sipping VandT’s before heading in for excellent and highly-rated Medi-French cuisine with a piscatorial focus.

The Blueprint Café

Another possibility is summed up in one word: stroll. Specifically, we’re thinking of a long walk along the south bank of the Thames. We’ve got a plan that gets us from A to B: start at Westminster Bridge, do the London Eye, peruse the books under Waterloo Bridge, check out the beach huts and Dishoon’s pop-up restaurant, then carry on and put our noses in at Shakespeare’s

Cannizaro House

Globe or the Tate Modern.  Finally, at the end of the day we’ll reach Tower Bridge where we’ll pass under the mighty structure and present ourselves at either Le Pont de la Tour or Cantina del Ponte or The Blueprint Café— all have special offers — order something with bubbles and watch the sun go down over the City, one of our favourite views in all the world.
Or we could just face facts: we’ve got to use the day off to catch up on stuff at home.  We still yearn for a taste of the countryside, so we’re going to book a supper at Cannizaro House in Wimbledon, which is the closest thing we know in London that looks and feels like a country house hotel dining room.  It has views of the park where we can stroll afterwards and feel we’ve grabbed a bit of bank holiday peace for ourselves