Gourmet Gifts for Husbands and Boyfriends

Need gift ideas for all the gourmets in your life? From now through Christmas we’ll be posting blogs to inspire you with links straight through to amazon so you can shop without leaving your chair. No need to thank us — toptable is here to help.
Husbands and Boyfriends
Why aren’t all aprons like this?  Not just an apron, and certainly not a silly novelty apron, this black Master Class Apron is sort of brilliant.  A, it’s black so it’s masculine, B, it has two huge pockets, C, it’s made by an old British firm and D, it’s got beige towelling inserts on each side so he can wipe his hands as he cooks.  Genius.  £16.30.
If he always wanted his own distillery, here’s the next best thing.  A bottle of Speyside malt whisky with a unique personalised label.  You decide the name and any message up to 60 characters (‘Hands Off This Is My Whisky by Order of Me’ still leaves room for his name) and the gift will arrive tissued wrapped and beautifully packaged in a gold Italian box with an engraved  tumbler too.  £39.99.

This Kenwood Chef Titanium KM010 Kitchen Machine is one great hunk of manly kitchen metal.  It’s got a massive 1400w motor, nearly 5L bowl capacity, four power outlets, planetary mixing action, four different tools (see, we said this was manly) and liquidiser and food processor attachments included.  All that for £279.10 instead of the list price of £449.99, a bargain.
This sleek, black high-performing pod coffee system will look great even when it’s not producing superior coffee for him and you. Philips make the Senseo Quadrante and it makes sensational coffee. £100.

The ultimate man-in-the-kitchen toy, the Master Class Blowtorch sears things, makes creme brulee crunchy and, er, sets lots of things on fire. Just don’t let him light the Christmas pudding with it. The pistol ignition adds to the fun. And it’s only £14.78.

Warning: may contain alcohol. And chocolate. So that’s two yearnings sorted. The Green & Black’s Beer and Bars gift set has a bottle each of of Suffolk-brewed St Peter’s Organic Ale and Organic Bitter plus five 100g bars of Green & Black’s organic chocolate in dark, milk, white, almond and dark 85% cocoa solids bar. £16.50.

Not nearly as small as they appear in this photo, the Joseph Joseph Shell Compact Digital Scales are just gorgeous. They’ve got an easy-to-read LCD display, an add-and-weigh function, and they measure both solid and liquid foods. £43.82.

And not nearly as big as it appears, this is the best way to turn garlic into mincemeat we’ve ever used. It’s the Chef’n Garlic Zoom Garlic Chopper. You put the peeled garlic clove inside, close the lid, then zoom it around the countertop on its little wheels and you’ve got minced garlic. Just like that. Then when you’re done, you take it apart and put it into the dishwasher. Very very fun. £14.30.