Gourmet Gifts for Dads

Need gift ideas for all the gourmets in your life? From now through Christmas we’ll be posting blogs to inspire you with links straight through to amazon so you can shop without leaving your chair. No need to thank us — toptable is here to help.

There are cheaper mortar and pestle sets out there on the market, but for a really special and beautifully designed gift that will last a lifetime, this handsome John Julian mortar and pestle is the business.  It’s in black granite and stainless steel and will munch up herbs or spices or whatever your dad likes to use in his creations.  It’s £89.18 for some reason. 

The ultimate guy gourmet gadget is a breadmaker and the ultimate breadmaker is the Panasonic SD-257WXD.  It’s an amazing machine that will produce three different loaf sizes, has crust control (we’re not making this up, you know), offers a variety of bread programmes including gluten free, and has a raisin and nut dispenser.  Normally £119.95, it’s £104.oo through us and will make the house smell divine every time he uses it.

Don’t let your dad do himself a damage opening all those lovely bottles of Christmas wine.  This Bar Craft Connoisseur Lever-Arm Corkscrew Set comes with a foil cutter and bottle stopper as well as a superb, long-lasting gear action corkscrew and a stand.  It comes in a swanky box so it looks all presenty, but the point it the thing works beautifully and is a pleasure to use.  List price £29.99, now £22.88.
Oooh, a really good gadget that does something useful. And then there’s another one of them! This electric one-touch seasoning set is by Cuisinart and is ergonomically designed, adjustable, and may be used for herbs and spices as well and the more prosaic salt and pepper. £30 the pair.
Shaken and stirred — those are just two of the possibilities your dad can contemplate with this Boston Cocktail Shaker Set. It includes a shaker, glass, four-prong hawthorne strainer, a pair of measures, a bar spoon with masher and a wooden muddler for crushing fruit. Caipirinhas, anyone? £15.99.

Good cooks love knives, blokes love knives, your dad’s a good cook, so this choice is easy. These beautiful gift is an I O Shen Mastergrade five-piece magnetic knife block set with attractive motif on the handles. For £199.95 he’ll be loving this knife set for many years.

This cheery cheeky Guv’nor mug will put a smile on his face every time he slurps his coffee or sips his tea. It’s made of English porcelain, is dishwasher safe and comes in a smart gift box. £9.99.

And just to make sure his thoughts are sweet, this lovely gift tin of handmade cocoa comes from a Browne’s, a firm on the edge of Dartmoor in Devon. There are no preservatives, nothing genetically engineered, nothing artificial at all — he’s your dad, after all. £9.99.