Friday Feast: Fresh Vietnamese summer rolls from Pho

This week’s Friday Feast recipe comes from Vietnamese mini-chain, Pho. With fresh and healthy ingredients wrapped up in rice paper,  they’re perfect for eating al fresco and great for packed lunches and picnics. Why not lay the ingredients out at your next barbecue and let your guests roll their own?

Vietnamese summer rolls

Ingredients: finely shredded lettuce; mint leaves; coriander; carrot or radish, sliced finedly; cooked thin vermicelli rice noodles (snip to short lengths); 22cm rice paper sheets; cooked tiger prawns sliced lengthways or sliced cooked chicken.

1) Wash your hands and lay out a clean damp towel to roll on. Dip the rice paper sheets in warm water to soften them slightly.
2) Place mint leaves in a lime across the lower third of the rice paper.
3) Lay prawns or chicken across the entire width of the rice paper.
4) Add some shredded lettuce, herbs, carrot, radish and noodles.
5) Roll up, away from you, tucking in the ends to create a spring roll shape. Store chilled under a damp cloth until you're ready to eat.
6) Serve with nuoc cham or peanut sauce for dipping.

If you struggle with rolling up, don't over-stuff them and check out this video for tips. Give it a try and let us know how you get on!