Free Meals Fast – toptable dining rewards

The new toptable dining rewards program is a brilliant way to earn free meals fast in the form of toptable dining cheques.  It’s easy and quick, so give us a minute to walk you through the programme and you’ll be up to speed in no time and on your way to free meals in toptable restaurants.
Every time you make a regular toptable booking, dine out and rate the restaurant on toptable, you’ll earn a minimum of 100 toptable dining reward points.  So far, so ordinary.
But, when you book a restaurant during its 1,000-point scheduled booking slots, your booking immediately earns you 1,000 tasty toptable dining reward points.  And there are thousands and thousands of 1,000-point bookings slots available every day.
For instance, a booking at diner favourite Café Des Amis French restaurant in Covent Garden earns you 1,000 points for every booking from noon to closing every day of the week.  Café Des Amis is one of Theatreland’s iconic restaurants, pleasing customers for more than twenty-five years with its combination of classic and modern French cuisine in a chic brasserie ambience.
If earning toptable dining rewards points is easy, redeeming them is a snap.  Earn at least 2,000 points — that’s two bookings — and redeem them via your account page for a toptable dining cheque.  toptable dining cheques can be spent at MOST TOPTABLE RESTAURANT.   Here’s a little chart so you can see how much you can earn:

2,000 points = £10 toptable dining cheque
3,000 points = £20 toptable dining cheque
4,000 points = £27 toptable dining cheque
5,000 points = £35 toptable dining cheque

As you can see, it makes sense to make your bookings during 1,000 slots and to let your points build up for higher value cheques.  Let the programme work for you.
For instance, schedule a few business lunches at the Dockmasters House in Canary Wharf and you’ll be on your way.
For more info, here’s the page that explains it all.  To find 1,000 point booking slots at your favourite restaurant, go to the homepage, set your location, then click on the black box and book yourself in for an excellent — and lucrative — toptable dining experience.