Food blogs we love this week

A terrible invasion has just reached our shores, and we want to know what you think about it.
It’s buried deep in acid review of Cantina Laredo in Covent Garden, a moment that iced our veins.
Partway through a meal that he wasn’t enjoying, a server approached and asked, ‘Is everything delicious for you?’
Most of us have suffered the experience of having wait staff interrupt our conversation with ‘Is everything all right?’ which can be annoying.
But ‘Is everything delicious for you?’ is an inflationary and hideous American import. In some very ordinary American restaurants, the question ‘Isn’t that the best meal you’ve ever had?’ has been heard.
What do you think? ‘Is everything all right?’ all right with you? Is ‘Is everything delicious for you?’ music to your ears? Or should wait staff be able to tell by the emptiness of your plate and the look on your face whether or not you’ve enjoyed a meal? Let us know what you think.
(nb: if you’re looking for any restaurants in Covent Garden or anywhere else, is happy to help. )
Otherwise, the foodie blogosphere has been dining out this summer.
Gastrogeek was happy to have discovered Café Kaati in Houndsditch in London, a hidden local gem whose chilli lamb is a divine creation.  She treated himself to an eponymous kaati, specifically the ‘Chicken 65’, a sort of paratha-wrapped kebab, though that description doesn’t do it any sort of justice.
Charles Campion had a great meal at Kensington Place. ‘It always pleases when a restaurant understands the allure of simple dishes and yet has the talent to do them well,’ he says before emitting clouds of delight about his bavette steak with ‘belting chips’.