Chocolate Week — Seven Days is Not Enough

Roald Dahl would have adored Chocolate Week.  The author of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory  believed that every schoolchild should be taught the dates of the Great Chocolate Era in school.  He said:

Never mind about 1066 William the Conqueror. 1932 the Mars bar, 1936 the Malteser and 1937 the Kit Kat — these dates are milestones of history.

Chocolate is a tool of seduction, a calmer, a soother, a source of joy and energy, an aphrodisiac, it’s good for the heart and it just may stave off dementia and depression and a load of other diseases if we eat enough of the right kind.  Chocolate is given to mark every holiday from Christmas to Hallowe’en.  No Roman emperor ever tasted a crumb of it, but you, citizen, can wander down to the newsagents and pick up a chocolate bar for the cost of the coins from the back of the sofa.  A single week of chocolate celebration would have to be crammed with events to properly commemorate this magical food. 
As it happens, Chocolate Week, 10 – 16 October, is absolutely choc-a-block (see what we did there?) with tastings, exhibitions and special events from one end of this chocoholic country to the other.   And everyone from the multinational chocolate corporations to artisan micro-chocolatiers are taking part one way and another, bringing their intoxicating flavours from all over the world for you to savour.  Many of the events are free, and some brilliant restaurants are on board.  The incredibly romantic Clos Maggiore has a dedicated six-course chocolate menu, Roast at Borough Market is offering special Chocolate Week menus with drinks and puds featured all week, and Northbank with its fabulous Thamesside views is signed up. 
There are chocoholics teas, live music events, chocolate tours and more and it all culminates with Chocolate Unwrapped, 15 – 16 October at Vinopolis, a decadent weekend tasting exhibition where chocolate-lovers can immerse themselves in the glory of the beautiful brown bean for two whole days.  We’ll see you there.