Celeb chefs reveal the best meals to be had in London right now

Ever wondered where top chefs eat on their night off? Last week, Richard Vines asked some of the UK’s big names where they most enjoyed eating recently. Here are some of our favourite answers:

Vineet Bhatia (Rasoi Vineet Bhatia): “Maze. It was a very good meal. I like Jason Atherton’s flair. His cooking is clean and precise: good technique and good ingredients. It’s cleverly done.”

Rowley Leigh (Le Cafe Anglais): ‘‘Umu, and it was brilliant: Stunning sushi, minced tuna salad and hot eel sushi. It’s probably the best food in London.’’

Pascal Aussignac (Club Gascon): “I had a surprisingly good meal at the Modern Pantry. The service was good as well and I love the bread they are making. It was a sunny day outside and it’s a very interesting place.”

Michel Roux Jr. (Le Gavroche): “Launceston Place. It was jolly good actually. It’s a lovely little restaurant with a great atmosphere and a nice feel to it and the service was friendly and efficient. The chef’s treat, a duck-egg concoction with truffle and risotto served in the shell, was delicious.”

Marcus Wareing (Marcus Wareing): Trinity. “It was the day of the Tube strike and we couldn’t get into the West End so we went there. The food’s excellent. Adam Byatt’s working hard and has great prices too.”

Atul Kochhar (Benares): ‘‘Patara in Maddox Street. The food is amazing and all the flavors gel together. It was one of the best Thai meals I have eaten so far in London. It’s top of my list of recommendations.’’

Gary Rhodes (Rhodes 24): “The Painted Heron. I absolutely love it. I’ve been many times but just two weeks ago, I took the family there for supper and it was sensational. The food is authentic and there’s a depth and strength of flavor in everything. I like the spirit within the staff.”

Only Gordon Ramsay recommended one of his own restaurants, Boxwood Café; while his protégé Clare Smyth praised her recent meal at Alain Ducasse. You can read the full article here.