Best of the Blogs

The first two items today are yin and yang, balancing each other beautifully.  Item number one is shameless self-promotion for toptable though it will benefit you too, if you take advantage of the deal.

Helene Darroze at The Connaught

Old friend The Catty Life has been out at Helene Darroze at The Connaught — darn!  we meant to include this restaurant in yesterday’s blogpost on the Golden Age of London Restaurant Dining because it so belongs there — for the million-course tasting menu and loved just about every bite.  She’s taken a set of mouthwatering photographs to show you the ‘before’ state of each course.  Then she goes on to tell you about Top Treats, the new promotion that has linked up toptable (us, the good guys) with American Express so that every time you book a restaurant through the Top Treats website which is powered by toptable, you’ll get double Reward points from now through through the end of the year in whatever form you get them on your Amex card.  There, that’s the naked self-promotion bit done, the part where we entice you to book a toptable restaurant you’ll enjoy.
Now here’s the entirely distinterested part, where there’s nuttin’ in it for us at all.
Msmarmitelover is a photographer, cook, iconoclast and all together intriguing person who writes a blog called The English Can Cook about her forays into the kitchen and, in particular, the supperclub restaurant she runs out of her home and elsewhere.  The most recent post was about Sunday lunch in October that featured not only her father, a retired journalist who, on being assigned an interview with the Beatles years ago decided they were rubbish and legged it, but a chap who runs a strip joint and offered her teenaged daughter a job as well as another chap who claims to have been best friends in childhood with Duke Ellington’s half English son, of whom there is no historic record.  What a great lunch!  She’s got a load more coming up this autumn, so you can make reservations for her supper in a yurt, Quiz Night supper, Little House on the Prairie supper, Christmas and New Year’s Eve suppers and a bunch more.
The Times, okay not exactly a blog, but it is online these days, reports that Daniel Boulud, the Michelin-starred chef and owner of Bar Boulud, has announced that he has chosen the sausage to be served in his London restaurant.  It’s called the Malmesbury King, made by a butcher in, er, Malmesbury, and besides pork, it’s got rosemary, thyme, parsley and ginger.  Come celebrate British Sausages Week this week with a prize-winning sausage.
Blog A Welsh View informs us that items lost at this year’s Oktoberfest included a rabbit, a pug, a tennis racket, a leather whip and a tuba.  He’s also created a London Underground map where the stations have been replaced by pubs.  The guy is clearly a genius.