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Beer in Space
What do astronauts do after a week of weightless work and stellar toil?  We know what they’d like to do:  crack open a beer.  But bubbles plus space travel don’t add up.  Not until now, that is.  The Plummet Onions have a video link to This Week in Engineering with the joyous news that astronauts may soon be able to enjoy a proper beverage on their trips around the solar system.  Wonder if elf’n’safety will insist they come in unit-marked pouches.
Using the Allen Key, Insert the Stuffing Into the Turkey
This from New York Grubstreet: Ikea, that giant of all things flat-packed, has produced a beautiful and intriguing little cookbook called Hembakat är Bäst or Homemade Is Best.  Rather than the usual mouthwatering food photography, photographer Carl Kleiner has laid out all the raw ingredients in delightful arrangements that form a kind of artwork of their own.  Get onto Grubstreet and see if you can guess the dishes that the foods add up to.
Want to get your hands on a copy?  The good news is that Hembakat är Bäst is free in the Ikea kitchen section.  That bad news is: Sweden only.
Sky-High Dining
While we’re at New York Grubstreet, they bring news that a single anonymous couple paid £10,000 for the services of chef Daniel Boulud for a meal on the London Eye as part of the London Restaurant Festival.  For just the two of them.  Boulud managed to make them a five-course dinner of fine French cuisine and said he enjoyed it because the view was better than the kitchens at Bar Boulud.
Blogger Meals
Londonist has been to Sam’s Brasserie in Chiswick – sister to Harrison’s in Balham –for the LRF menu and pretty much liked everything they ate.  Sam’s donates £1 for every sticky toffee banana pudding they serve during October.  So book now and nosh for charity.
Rocket and Squash had a couple of working lunches out at Lutyens and The White Swan.  R&S recommends both to you, but says to maybe keep Lutyens for an expense-account outing.  The White Swan currently has a 50% off food offer, so they’re even better value.