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It’s Big and It’s Clever
Serious Eats is raving about the new cookbook-of-the-century, a 2438 page, six volume set called Modernist Cuisine, due out in March costing $625 which is about £415, or $467.62 on American amazon.  Yes, it’s American.  It’s the brainchild of Nathan Myhrvold with Chris Young and Maxime Bilet and it’s ambitious aim is to lift the lid on all that molecular gastronomy or food from the laboratory that has become the ‘new’ cuisine of the 21st century, the stuff that Heston Blumenthal does, or Ferran Adria — both of whom have given it thumbs-ups by the way.  This is apparently the excyclopedia to get if you’ve always wanted to understand and use water baths, homogenizers, centrifuges, hydrocolloids and enzymes.  And if you’ve wanted to understand how to incorporate those complex ideas and techniques into your own cooking.
But even if you never lift a spatula, we can vouch for the beauty and excellence of the photographs.  Here’s one for the ultimate hamburger:

If you want to know more about what’s in the burger, check out Serious Eats’ blog for the key.
Kyashii Wow
We so wish we’d known about this earlier.  In spite of it’s having been slated in a review a couple of weeks ago, Kyashii Japanese restaurant in Upper St Martin’s Lane was the destination for Greedy Diva‘s most recent outing.   She says that Kyashii is like a space ship, ‘a space ship with fish tanks’, so modernist is its decor.  Upstairs is the fun bar, downstairs is the restaurant where Greedy and boyfriend The Peanut Gallery are won over by wave after wave of mainly excellent Japanese inventions.  She is particularly taken by the Dragon Roll, which, she says, has ‘a bit of an X factor’.  Oh please don’t tell Simon Cowell.  The service problem that was the focus of the earlier slating had been resolved and while not every dish hit the mark, most surpassed her expectations.  However, she says, ‘it’s not cheap’ and that’s why we wish we’d known about this earlier.  Kyashii has been running three great special offers, ranging from 50% to 20% off, but the weekend is 20% off only — grab it now because it ends on Sunday.
Gin & Love-it
This really should have gone in the Food Events blogpost on Monday last or even Monday next, but then you’d miss most of the event and we don’t want that.  The Londonist announces that Hendricks Gin, who did the madly inspired Horseless Carriage of Curiosities last spring in conjunction with London Cocktail Week, are taking the lovelorn and clueless under their wing this weekend with the Hendrick’s Refined Courtship Clinic.  Valentine’s Day is the inspiration, of course, but anything that brings lovers together is never out of season.
From today through Monday starting at noon every day, Dr Humphrey Sixwivs and Mrs Isabella Forlornicate will be holding court at Seven Dials in Covent Garden, 51 Neal Street.  The sessions begin with gin and tonic — and gin is certainly one of love’s lubricants — before clinics begin on “principles and customs from bygone eras” including body language and how to read signals from a lady’s fan, and we’re sure that was all that was standing between you and the love you seek.  Hooray Hendricks.
As ever, toptable has restaurants nearby.
Backstage at Meateasy
You’ve probably read all about the best burger in London at the moment at #Meateasy, ever since the Meatwagon took up residence above Goldsmiths Tavern in New Cross, about how everyone’s been queuing for hours but they don’t really mind because it turns out that all the hype turns out to be true.  Seriously amazing burgers, plus all the excitement of finding an exciting popup restaurant in south London and the cool feeling that gives you.  And no, toptable can’t help this time, you just have to go and queue.
Anyway, as difficult as it may be to get in the front door, Food Stories actually managed to get her food in the back door and spent an exhiliarating evening as Kitchen Gimp at #Meateasy.  She cut buns, cut onions, cleaned up, and basically did whatever anyone else didn’t have a second to do.  She got into the Zone and was apparently still quite pumped when she posted her blog, because this is her take on it all:

The energy is just so, so high. You’d have to be dead inside not to be caught up in the magic. It sounded like it was going off on the other side of the passe; I couldn’t see the customers but I sure could hear them.

Peak moments, Food Stories.  She’s right to surf the energy.  Anyway, if you haven’t gotten there yet look them up on twitter and get down to New Cross as soon as you can.