The week in food – the best of the blogs

Hot words about mobile phones in restaurants have barely cooled. Now another device brouhaha breaks out: food photography in restaurants.
Food bloggers and civilians have been snapping away to get their this-is-what-I-ate-before-I-ate-it shots.  Some of them — step forward The Catty Life — manage stunning food photography in low-lit conditions.  Quite a feat since professional food stylists employ a raft of tricks to get their photographs looking edible.
Hot Dinners has rounded up some big names to comment on the issue of whipping out a camera in a restaurant.
Views range from Giles Coren, flouncy Times restaurant critic, who says that it’s akin to ‘dropping your trousers’ or worse, to Leonid Shutov of Bob Bob Ricard, who hasn’t got a problem with it as long as other diners aren’t bothered.
What do you think?  Are you with Antonin Bonnet of The Greenhouse restaurant in Mayfair who finds it a bit intrusive?  Or with Bruno Loubet of Bistro Bruno Loubet, who shrugs it off?
On another topic, London Eater visited l’Anima restaurant in London’s Broadgate.  Chef Francesco Mazzei has won acres of swooning press for this lovely spot.   (You may also have seen him on the BBC show Michelin Stars — The Madness of Perfection.) London Eater felt sure that Michelin stars are to come.
In the Guardian’s Word of Mouth blog, the fascinating subject of nutmeg gets full consideration.   Wait, come back!  These days we use it mainly in baking, but in its Arab heyday nutmeg was a perfume, a spice, a mysterious aphrodisiac.  Battles were fought and fortunes won over possession of the ten islands where it was grown. Manhattan was traded to the British for Dutch control of one of these precious islands.  There’s so much more to the story than that.  Remember, the next time you grate a lump of nutmeg that you hold a tiny emblem of human history in your hand.