Beer Day Britain: 9 beery dishes to try in London

Beer Day Britain is Britain’s national beer day, celebrated each year on June 15th. If you fancy celebrating with something more filling than a pint, here are nine beer-led dishes to try in London.

Black pudding croquettes with Guinness sauce at The Jugged Hare

Participants in last year’s Croquetas Challenge, this legendary Barbican pub didn’t have much to prove to the judging panel. But they did anyway. Worth a visit just to see why these are arguably the best fried balls in the capital.

London Porter hot smoked salmon Niçoise with soft boiled egg at The Parcel Yard

The French and English have, historically, rarely got along. But here’s a good example of how things can be a bit more friendly: A British classic – the porter – meets a French one (if you swap salmon for tuna).

Beef, Guinness, and oyster pie at Wright Brothers

Thanks to the Wright Brothers – sustainable seafood specialists in case you didn’t know –  London can continue to enjoy this Victorian classic. Try it for yourself at their restaurants in SohoBoroughSouth Kensington and Spitalfields.

Chicken wings with lambic BBQ sauce at Malt + Pepper

The pop-up ‘beerstro’ Malt + Pepper is what happens when a pub’s general manager harnesses not just his love for craft beer, but his desire to cook with it too. M + P’s burger buns are made from spent brewer’s grain; their blue cheese sauce contains IPA; and instead of wine, risotto is made with saison. Clapham regulars will be pleased to know M + P are popping up at The King & Co until September 2nd.

Hop & pork beef burger at The Italian Job

When one of the world’s best food producing countries started taking beer seriously (within the past decade, that is), they naturally took to putting beer and food together. The Italian Job is a worthy embodiment of that philosophy Italy has naturally adopted, but Britain is for the large part yet to take up.

Ale-battered cod at The White Horse, Parson’s Green

Beer drinkers should have a lot of time for a kitchen – this being at one of London’s best craft-focused pubs, no less – that doesn’t neglect what it has in the cellar. Just as with every other dish, the pub recommends a beer to pair with it – in this case, a pint of Oakham’s JHB.

Steak & ale pie at Piebury Corner

Think of a classic dish in which beer plays a part, and invariably this will be it. Usually an up-in-the-stands staple, it’s match day every day at Piebury Corner.

Chocolate brownie and vanilla porter ice cream at the Meantime Tasting Rooms

How many nice words can you pack into a sentence? Here’s Meantime’s contender, and a worthy candidate for polishing up a beer-fuelled lunch at their brewery taproom.

Welsh rarebit at J Sheekey

Cheddar, egg yolk, mustard, stout, cream, and a razzle dazzle of Worcestershire sauce. A rarebit’s a damn good thing when each ingredient is at its peak – and between this seafood institution and St John, it’s hard to find a better one.

This is a guest post from freelance food journalist Hugh Thomas. He’s contributed to Foodism, Time Out, Great British Chefs, and is part of British Street Food’s small team of vigilant writers. Find him on twitter @hughwrites.