Bar dining on the rise in the UK

Over the last few years, we’ve seen UK restaurants moving away from traditional fine dining and evolving into buzzier, more casual spaces. If a restaurant serves fantastic food, UK diners are happy to queue and share communal tables if it means getting a chance to try out the menu. We’ve also seen a huge rise in bar dining, with diners actively choosing to dine in a restaurant’s bar area instead of the main dining room.


Our recent survey of more than 1,300 UK diners highlights the growing popularity of bar side dining, as well as a rise in UK restaurateurs investing in bar areas and menus. Here are some of our key findings:

  • 81% of UK diners enjoy bar dining.
  • 61% would be more likely to visit a restaurant if it had a welcoming bar area.
  • 55% would visit a restaurant specifically for their bar menu.
  • 26% would prefer to dine in a high-priced restaurants bar area before deciding to invest in a meal in the restaurant.
  • 68% of diners said they would be more likely to spend the entire evening in one location if a restaurant has a great bar area.

This diner behaviour may explain why 65% of the restaurants we surveyed said they either have or are planning to invest in their bar area in the next 12 months. Restaurateurs are also investing in their bar menus and using them as a way to try out new dishes and offer a varied price point for diners.

Do you  opt for the bar when you dine out? What would make you choose the bar over the dining area? Let us know in the comments!