The Grubworm had such a fabulous meal at Hix Soho last week that he was sure he’d been sent into a trance by Derren Brown.  He especially enjoyed the robust flavours and hearty portions.  ‘This was not the place for subtle textures and delicate touches. I waddled out feeling like i had swallowed a cannonball. Albeit very tasty cannonball.’

A Grubworm swallowing a cannonball reminds us of a joke we once heard.  If you know the punchline, please post.

The Warrington by Gordon Ramsay in Maida Vale used to be a favourite Thai restaurant of A Girl Has To Eat, but she sounds as if a visit there has consoled her in her loss at least a bit. She thought that while the décor lacked soul, the food won her over.  And she particularly complimented the service, so well done Warrington staff.

The Catty Life craved a ‘posh’ Saturday lunch, so decided on Quo Vadis in Soho and wasn’t sorry, not even one little bit.  The razor clam and chilli squid starters won her heart immediately, but it was the gigantic size and excellence of the triple-cooked chips that put the whole experience over the top for her.  As usual, her photos make you want to race right out and order exactly what she had.

A few months ago, Londoneater went on a steak tasting epic meal at Chapters All Day Dining in Blackheath that involved several cuts of beef from more than one country all cooked identically and compared bite-by-bite for taste, texture and general excellence.

We meant to draw it to your attention earlier because he’s written a super treatise on steak, wet ageing v. dry ageing, cuts of steak and a full discussion of the Cadillac of steak cookers, the Josper Grill.  The Josper is the amazing gizmo that manages to charcoal sear the outside of steaks leaving the inside meltingly tender.

There are a few Josper grills in London, so if you can’t make it to Blackheath, consider maze – GRILL by Gordon Ramsay in Mayfair or Hawksmoor in the City for a high quality steak experience.